Imagine a place where health meets deliciousness, where well-being gets a tantalizing twist - that's Blended for you! We're not just a Smoothie & Juice Bar, we're a wellness oasis nestled in 2 locations near you - Glenview & Evanston.

Walking into Blended, you'll be greeted by a refreshing wave of positivity, not to mention the intoxicating aroma of fresh cold-pressed juice and blended fruits.

And guess what?

It's more than just a spot to grab your daily dose of vitamins. It's the perfect haven to work, chat, or simply chill, all while sipping on something good for you.

Think of us as your personal fruit magician, blending the brightest of berries with the greenest of greens, creating an enchanting elixir that caters to all tastes and dietary needs.

Whether you're a vegan, navigating gluten or dairy sensitivities, or dodging allergens, we've got a delightful concoction waiting for you.

Click here to learn more about how we handle all dietary restrictions.

Work Meets Wellness: Your Productive Paradise

Need to be connected while you unwind in Evanston or Glenview? We've got you covered! With complimentary WiFi and strategically placed wall plugs, it's a workspace where productivity meets nourishment. So, plug in, sip on, and let the creative juices flow!

Post-Workout Revitalization and Social Sips: Your Healthy Hangout Spot

Stop by for a quick pick-me-up, or make us part of your leisurely town stroll. Meeting friends? We're the perfect spot for a cool hangout! But if you're in a rush, don't sweat it! Order online and we'll have your drink ready for you.

No matter why you walk into Blended, and no matter how you choose to enjoy our offerings, just know we're always thrilled to see you.

Remember, at Blended, you're not just part of the crowd - you're part of our fruit-loving, health-embracing family.

Juice Bar Locations for Smoothies & Cold Pressed Juice Near You

Welcome to Glenview's Vibrant Wellness Haven!

Immerse yourself in a health-conscious oasis at our Glenview store. Discover a refreshing ambiance, vibrant colors, and a friendly staff. Energize your body and mind with our revitalizing smoothies, juices, and nourishing snacks. Experience the essence of well-being here!

Step into Evanston's Invigorating Wellness Hub!

Indulge in the captivating energy of our Evanston store, where a rejuvenating atmosphere awaits you. Immerse yourself in an environment designed to inspire your well-being journey. Vibrant colors, fresh aromas, and friendly staff are here to welcome you. Discover a haven of health and vitality as you savor our revitalizing smoothies, refreshing juices, and nourishing snacks. Experience the essence of wellness in Evanston today!


BLENDED Health & Wellness now offers one-to-one and small group Health & Wellness Coaching.

Entry Level & Advanced Health Coaching for individuals looking to make gradual or drastic steps to improve their overall health through diet & daily activity. We offer non-intimidating coaching that breaks it down to the basics, teaches clients how small changes can have big impact!