As a company we are passionate about being able to deliver delicious & quality food to everyone, most importantly our friends with sensitive food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Our own team is restricted in one way or another by allergies or sensitivities, so we are overtly careful about what we put into our menu and how we prepare our items.

To cater to all of our customers we ask about any possible allergies/restrictions with every order!  If you plan on ordering online, please be aware that you cannot complete your order without selecting a potential allergy (or for those lucky people, no allergies).


While dairy seems to be a sensitivity for more and more people these days, we always look to create our menu items with a dairy-free alternative when possible.  Every smoothie on our current menu is dairy free by nature (except for a few popular items containing Whey protein).  Our liquid base for menu items is predominately Almond Milk, with a few exceptions that start with Water, Coconut Water or with a requested substitution of Oat Milk, and this is always clearly stated on our menus.  We do not carry Cow’s Milk in our stores, so there is no room for error in this realm.  Items to stay away from on our menu, related to dairy, are: The Grilled Cheese Waffle, Greek Yogurt Bowl, and the Strength/D2 Smoothie (whey protein).


We have found this one to be less common, but still a food many people wish to avoid.  The most common question is “Is your protein Soy free?” – and the answer to that is YES, our protein does NOT contain any soy.  So much of our ingredients are fresh fruits & vegetables, and soy plays no roll in those foods.  We are familiar with (nearly) all our ingredients, but when an allergy is indicated, we will always double-check to make sure we are safely taking care of our customers.

Unfortunate item to avoid: Cookie Butter Drizzle


This is a BIG ONE!  And one that we are proud to say we can accommodate!  This sensitivity & disease touches us personally.  While we are not a certified Gluten-Free establishment, we do take every necessary precaution to be able to confidently say we can accommodate our Celiac customers.  Here is what you should know about how we handle gluten sensitivities:

  • Most questions are centered around our Granola & our Waffles. We use Bob’s Red Mill Honey Oat Granola, which is naturally gluten-free.  This granola is NOT made in a gluten-free facility, but should you mark a Gluten Allergy on your ticket you are offered the option of Gluten-Free Granola of the same variety, made in a gluten-free facility that we store separately from our regular granola.

Our Waffles are made with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Baking Flour (see a trend here 😊).  It is important to note that no other flour containing wheat has ever been in our facility, and we have never cross contaminated our cooking equipment, most importantly our waffle maker or toaster.

  • All of our smoothies are naturally gluten-free, as well as our add-in’s (gf rolled oats, chia seeds, chocolate chunks, etc.)
  • Our oatmeal is gluten free and made with Steel Cut Oats
  • Items to avoid in our store (which are stored separately and not used in blenders) are: Graham Crackers used in the Pumpkin Pie Bowl & Cookie Butter used as a bowl or waffle topping
  • We are happy to answer questions by phone before you arrive or when you are in store. Our goal is to keep you safe and returning for another visit, so if you have any additional questions, please ask!


Another major player in the allergy game that we strive to accommodate.  We are not a nut-free facility, so please visit us with transparency.  Most of our smoothies are made with a liquid base of Almond Milk, so to accommodate our nut-free friends we keep Oat Milk on hand.  Since opening, we have kept separate blenders for our friends with nut-allergies, that have never had any source of nuts in them.  These blenders are kept separate from our general stock (for both smoothies and smoothie bowls) and are washed in a separate sink, with a separate sponge to avoid cross contamination in the water.

To avoid confusion, we keep our nut proteins in a separate area from our other proteins.  Our Plant Proteins & our Granola are nut-free.  Additionally, our nut butters are kept away from our other drizzle options. 

When a nut allergy is indicated, we will prepare the item independently of the rest of the order.  Employees are trained to wash their hands & put on new gloves before preparing any items containing an allergy to avoid any cross contamination from previous orders.

Please note: Our tomato soup, waffles and oatmeal are made with Almond Milk

Most popular items ordered by our nut-free friend: The O.G. Smoothie, The Sunrise Smoothie, and the Cinn-fully Sebastian Smoothie (all made with an Oat Milk substitute).  Acai Bowls can all be made with Oat Milk in a Nut Free Blender, and our Cold Press Juicer has never been contaminated with any nuts.


It’s easy to accommodate a Vegan Lifestyle at BLENDED!  Our smoothies are made with Plant Protein unless otherwise requested to be made with Whey.  Our Banana Bread & Pumpkin Waffles (seasonal) are completely Vegan, made with Flax Egg & Agave!  Our Oatmeal is made with Maple Syrup & Almond Milk and our Acai bowls are naturally a Vegan delight!  Oh, and by the way, our Tomato Soup & Butternut Squash Soup are naturally Vegan as well!

Items to avoid: All other waffles not indicated above are made with egg.  Some items do contain honey, which is clearly listed on our menu. 

Have any other allergies we should know about!  Let us know and we will accommodate to the very best of our abilities.  No need to feel bad listing them off, we have heard them all by now (we think)!



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